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2 Types Of Hearing Aids To Consider And Their Benefits

Buying a hearing aid can often be an extremely confusing and difficult task, mostly because it is hard to decide between the various hearing aid options, especially since every one of the options provides its own unique set of benefits. Listed below are two types of hearing aids and their benefits in order to help you narrow down your choices.


One of the most common and popular hearing aid options available is a behind-the-ear aid, also known as a BTE aid. This type of aid is designed to rest over your ear with most of the electronic components located in a plastic container behind your ear. The rest of the hearing aid components are located within an earmold that rests in your ear and allows the sound picked up by the aid to reach your ear canal.

The main benefit to this option is that it is quite a bit less expensive than other hearing aids. In addition, a BTE hearing aid is larger than other hearing aids, which makes it much easier to access the aid's volume controls and change the battery, but this does make the aid harder to hide from other people if you are self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid.


Another option to consider when buying a hearing aid is an in-the-ear model, also known as an ITE aid. This type of hearing aid requires that most or all of the aid be located within your ear canal. One of the key benefits of ITE aids is that there are a variety of types that can help you achieve your goals, like the ITE aid that rests entirely in your ear canal if you want a hearing aid that is very easy to hide.

If you are not comfortable with having the aid entirely in your ear, you can choose one that has portions of the aid in the canal and the rest in the outer ear, which is both more discrete than a BTE aid and easier to remove than an aid that is completely in your ear canal. One downside to this type of aid is that it is typically not the best choice if you have severe hearing loss because the tiny size of these aids limits their power.

Contact a doctor like Mark Montgomery MD FACS in order to discuss which kind of hearing aid would be the best option for your level of hearing loss. Both BTE and ITE aids are great choices that can benefit you in a variety of ways.