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Stop Snoring For A Quiet Night's Sleep And A Happier Partner

If your snoring is affecting your sleep and has become an annoyance to your partner, it's time to stop the noise. There may be a simple anatomical problem causing the snoring. An ENT doctor can examine your nose, mouth and throat to uncover the source of the snoring sound. Your doctor will then recommend one of the many ways to treat snoring that will solve your problem. Here is where that noise is coming from and some of the ways your doctor can get rid of it.

Factors That Cause You to Snore

When something restricts your airway, making it difficult for you to breathe at night, parts of your nose, mouth and throat may begin to vibrate. The harder you must breathe to get enough air, the louder the vibration, and sound, will be. Some of the reasons this vibration occurs include:

  • The soft palate in the roof of your mouth is swollen or thicker than normal.
  • The uvula, which hangs down in the back of your throat, obstructs your airway.
  • Swollen sinuses or nasal congestion restricts the airway.
  • The cartilage in your nose is deformed and reduces the size of the airway.

Addressing even one of these issues allows you to breathe easier at night so you sleep better and stop disrupting your partner's sleep.

Treatment for Snoring

Most treatments for snoring focus on opening up the airway. They range from simple, non-invasive approaches you can get at the drug store to surgical reconstruction.

  • Anti-snoring strips - These are small adhesive strips that attach to the outside of your nose. They are slightly springy and hold your nostrils open to enlarge the nasal airway. These are available at your local drug store.
  • Oral appliances - These devices look like a mouth guard used in sports. Some hold your mouth open slightly while others restrict the vibration of the soft palate on the roof of your mouth. A few of these are available in the drug store. Your ear, nose and throat doctor can order a custom appliance that will be more comfortable than the over-the-counter versions.
  • Nasal surgery - Your doctor may recommend reconstructing the cartilage in your nose, the septum, to be straighter and less obstructive of your airway. This procedure, called rhinoplasty, is often done when the cartilage in the nose has been broken from an accident.
  • Throat and mouth surgery - A portion of the soft palate can be removed, if it is vibrating. The uvula can also be removed if it is part of the problem.

For more treatment options and information, visit a local ENT doctor, such as those at Mid America Ear, Nose, & Throat Clinic PC.